Christianity Deanery Synod

Christianity Deanery Prayer

A Prayer for Christianity Deanery

Let us pray for:

THE CATHEDRAL, that the LORD may be enthroned in all our hearts;

ALPHINGTON, that CHRIST may be first in our lives;

ST. STEPHEN and ST. OLAVE, that we may all look up to heaven and see the GLORY of GOD;

ST. LUKE, that CHRIST may bring HEALING to our city;

ST. ANDREW and EXWICK, that we may bring many to CHRIST;

ST. PAUL, that the LOVE of CHRIST may constrain us all;

ST. LAWRENCE, that we may treasure all GOD'S PEOPLE;

ST DAVID and all who journey on the PATH of CHRIST;

ST MICHAEL, and that we may be LIKE GOD;

ST JAMES that we may witness with our lives to the Apostolic Faith of CHRIST;

ST LEONARD that the people of Exeter may be led out of the PRISON of SIN;

ST MARK and ST MATTHEW that we may carry the GOSPEL of CHRIST;

ST SIDWELL and those who suffer persecution for their faith;

ST MARY STEPS that we all may be servants and handmaids of GOD;

ST THOMAS that all Exeter may cry out "CHRIST" my LORD and my GOD;

ST ANDREW that we all may be FISHERS of men.

EMMANUEL that GOD may be with us;

ST BONIFACE that we all may be good speakers of GOD'S WORD of SALVATION to Devon people;

ST IDA that Christians may care for WIDOWS and those who grieve;

ST GEORGE (Shillingford) that we may pray for our NATION;

TRINITY and HOLY TRINITY that all Exeter may share the LOVE that unites FATHER and SON in the power of the SPIRIT;

EXETER NETWORK CHURCH that all Christians may recognise the God-given network of friends who do not follow Jesus;

The chapels of SCHOOLS, HOSPITALS, PRISON and UNIVERSITY that Christ's people may minister in service;

O LORD, help us all to be worthy of our name CHRISTIANITY in the name of the LORD JESUS.


Prayer Cycle for Christianity Deanery

1 Alphington, St Michael and All Angels, Ide and Shillingford
2 Cathedral
3 Central parish (St Olave, St Pancras, St Petrock, St Stephen, St Mary Arches)
4 Exeter Network Church
5 Countess Wear, St Luke
6 Exwick, St Andrew
7 Heavitree, St Michael and All Angels
8 Heavitree, St Lawrence
9 Heavitree, St Paul
10 St David
11 St Michael and All Angels, Mount Dinham
12 St James
13 St Leonard
14 St Mark
15 St Mary Steps
16 St Matthew
17 St Sidwell and the Mothers' Union
18 St Thomas
19 Emmanuel
20 St Andrew, Alphington Road
21 St Boniface, Whipton
22 Beacon Heath, Holy Trinity
23 Trinity Church, Clyst Heath
24 Exeter Prison
25 Hospitals and Hospice in Exeter
26 Universities of Exeter and Plymouth
27 St Petroc's, Palace Gate, Shilhay
28 Deaf Church
29 Ordinands
30 Retired clergy
31 Reader and lay ministry